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How to choose proximity sensor?

Author: source: datetime: 2016-07-05 13:42:57

Usually, you need to provide the below information : Voltage  NPN/PNP   NO/NC/NO+NC   Detected object   Detected distance, we will find it.

And, our sensor application to Punch, Machine tool, Automatic controller, Automatic water device, Semi automatic industrial control equipment.

We have hall type, capacitance type, reed sensor, speed sensor, photoelectric type, color mark sensor, safety explosion proof type, universal appriach type...

Some buyer would ask:

1.How to adjust the distance of the photoelectric switch ?

A. Clockwise make the detected distance increase and anti-clockwise decrease.

2.What is the difference between photoelectric switch and capacitance type ?

A. (1) They can both detect liquids , but Cm can only be detected through the glass tube or plastic tube , photoelectric switch can not .

    (2) The detection distance of the photoelectric switch is larger than the capacitance type

3.The characteristic of Hall type ?

A. (1) Detected distance : 0~10mm

    (2 )Voltage : 5~24V  Current : 8Ma

    (3) The same as Reed type

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